DONATION-BASED Group Practices:

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Donation-based Yoga means:
some people give more, some less depending on their circumstance at the moment. Our suggested donation is 50dkk per class (cash or MobilPay).

Why Donation-based?
Because I would like everyone who wants to try or practice Yoga and its benefits to join, regardless their budget.

What would happened with this Donations?
It would help to keep offering Donation-based Yoga practices, and they will be also use to keep growing and becoming a better Yoga Instructor by practicing and studying with more experienced teachers following the Tradition of Krishnamacharya.

What could you expect from this Practices?
It might be 1 to 21 practitioners aprox. They are designed base on what I know through previous experience about the students attending, and/or what a student ask me to work on at the moment or previously.
Following the tradition of Krishnamacharya, this practices will have a general objective and I'll try to adapt everyone’s practice to what fit each individual best at the moment following the principle of Viniyoga (proper application of the tools of Yoga based on the situation).


Private Practices:

They consist on pre-booked practices, for 1 and up to 5 practitioners. They could have place at your home, office, work space, etc. or any other place we agreed on.

Designed mainly based on two aspects: 1st what you or the small group of practitioners wants to work towards, and 2nd the principle of Viniyoga (proper application of the tools of Yoga based on the situation). For this purpose every practitioners will fill in advance a personal form.

The small amount of practitioners and the communication previous the practice (mainly by filling a personal form, email and/or phone conversation), allows us to work deeply towards what each partitioner needs at each moment.


Consultations for a Personalized Practice:

This is the most personal approach to Yoga. This means that you will have your own personal designed and supervised practice for you to do every day at home or where fits you better. The consultations are pre-booked in advance.

A consultation takes approximately 1 hour. After booking the first time, you will receive by email a personal form to fill it in and bring it to your consultation.

During this time, will talk about what would you like to work towards with your personalized Yoga practice. We will design a practice that fits your objectives, wishes and needs; by following the principle of Viniyoga (proper application of the tools of Yoga based on the situation). You will learn it and take it home written down on paper, to practice every day until the next consultation. At that time, we will review your experience with your personal practice and we will adjust it based on this.