Group Practices:

During this practices, like the ones I offer at Yogacentralen every Tuesday mornings at 8 am, might be 1 to 21 practitioners.

They are designed base on what I know through previous experience about the students attending, and/or what a student ask me to work on (at the moment or previously by email).

This practices will have a general objective and I'll try to adapt everyone’s practice to what might fit each individual best at the moment following the principle of Viniyoga (proper application of the tools of Yoga based on the situation).

Private Practices:

They consist on pre-booked practices, for 1 and up to 5 practitioners. They could have place at Yogacentralen or at other place of your choice (home, office, work space, etc.).

Designed mainly based on two aspects: 1st what you or the small group of practitioners wants to work towards, and 2nd the principle of Viniyoga (proper application of the tools of Yoga based on the situation). For this purpose every practitioners will fill in advance a personal form.

The small amount of practitioners and the communication previous the practice (mainly by filling the personal form, email and/or phone conversation), allows us to work deeply towards what each partitioner needs at each moment. Especially with a regular practice.


Consultations for a Personalized Practice:

This is the most personal approach to Yoga. This means that you will have your own personal designed and supervised practice for you to do every day at home or where fits you better. The consultations takes place at Yogacentralen, pre-booking in advance.

A consultation takes approximately 1 hour. After booking the first time, you will receive by email a personal form, fill it in and bring it to your consultation.

During this time, will talk about what would you like to work towards with your personalized Yoga practice. We will design a practice that fits your objectives, wishes and needs; by following the principle of Viniyoga (proper application of the tools of Yoga based on the situation). You will learn it and take it home written down on paper, to practice every day until the next consultation. At that time, we will review your experience with your personal practice and we will adjust it based on this.




1/5  Why is it good to have a Personalized Yoga Practice?

To work personal aspects with an individual and personalized approach. As long as you have the will, the discipline and the time to, do, alone at home or at the place that fits you better, the personalized Yoga practice designed by the teacher, once you have learned it at a consultation with him.


2/5  What personal aspects can you work with a Personalized Yoga Practice?

Among others, you can work towards:

  • Improve your physical health, breathing, attention, concentration, relationships, personal and professional productivity.
  • Make postural changes.
  • Relax and renew yourself at the end of daily activities, reduce stress and its collateral problems.
  • Relieve physical ailments (eg: back pain, arthritis, etc.).
  • Reconcile your sleep.
  • Maintain vitality.
  • Strengthen the body.
  • Complement sports training.
  • Bring stability to the mental and emotional challenges (depression, anxiety, etc.).
  • Aid in recovery from illness, post-surgical lesions, etc.
  • Accompany and assist women in the many changes that occur in their life, including pre-menstrual syndrome, pregnancy and menopause.
  • Connect with your inner self.
  • Guide the process of self-discovery and personal transformation.
  • Provide a path for spiritual growth.
  • Meditate.



3/5  How is a consultation to get a Personalized Yoga Practice?

a)  It take place an interview of about 1 hour long with the teacher, where a general health profile of the student and the goal the student want to work towards are talk together.

b)  The student learn a personalized Yoga practice being supervised by the teacher, to develop an understanding of it and be ready to practice alone at home or at a place that fits him/her better.

c)  The teacher writes the guidelines of the personalized practice on a paper for the student. Detailing the positions and breathing s/he has to do, so the student can take it home and practice every day, without need to memorize it, until the next consultation.


4/5  How long should you practice daily? How often should you see the teacher?

The duration of your personalized practice will be adjusted to the possibilities of the student and the purpose of it. In general, we can understand that it is better to practice a little bit every day, rather than a very long time twice a week.

The first three consultations should be every 10 days, generally.

After this period, the student and teacher will agree, based on how the student does the practice, how often should they meet.


5/5  Do I need to have practiced Yoga before, to be able to have a Personalized Practice?

It is NOT necessary to have practiced Yoga before, to be able to have a personalized practice.”



Federico er en dygtig konceptmager og jeg vil gerne give ham min varmeste anbefaling. Vi har nu i over et år arbejdet sammen i en konstellation, hvor vi er hinandens sparringspartnere og læremestre. Federico som instruktør i yoga og jeg som lærer i dansk. Noget-for-noget i en proces hvor vi giver og tager af et godt hjerte til hinanden. Det er en meget berigende og lærerig proces, som har udviklet sig meget fra første møde hvor vi ikke kendte hinanden til i dag hvor vi har opbygget et venskab og tillidsforhold, der gør at vi ubesværet taler om alt mellem himmel og jord. Federico er engageret, vedholdende og loyal; man kan regne med ham. Som samarbejdspartner er han også god fordi han både er analytisk skarp og kreativ. Han er i stand til at komme op med nogle originale løsninger, som de færreste ville være kommet på.



I have known Federico for a year as my yoga teacher. He has not only shown his professional skills but also his tremendous personal values. He is very devoted to his students and he is a very responsible teacher. I highly recommend Federico Di Fresco for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.



Federico have been under an intense yoga training in the Krishnamacharya Tradition, I´ve been working with him as a mentor and teacher and I can say that he really involves with Yoga. Regarding how he teaches he´s always planning his classes in advance and remains open to adapt according to the students and circumstances. He has skills in course planning of asana, prayanama and mantras. He also can present Yoga Sutras concepts and apply it to everyday life.



Federico es un gran profesor de yoga, muy atento hacia sus alumnos y con inquietudes de evolucionar y perfeccionarse constantemente.



This experiences are textual copy of those received in my Linkedin.com profile as Yoga Instructor. Find the original texts here.